Get more views on YouTube

5 tips to get more views on YouTube

YouTube has now become the best-earning platform for small content creators. Everyone is trying to use YouTube for earning online. But this is a challenging task to get views on YouTube. Most people are worried about not getting views. On the other hand, many content creators are getting a million views within minutes. Why?

In this article, I will mention 5 tips to get more views on YouTube. After reading this article you can increase your views on YouTube by following the ranking algorithm. This algorithm is very necessary for content creators to get views on their videos. So let’s discuss 5 tips to get more views on YouTube.

Overview of YouTube ranking algorithm

YouTube ranking algorithm is the pre-made program that is used to select the videos on the basis of different qualities to rank. There are hundreds or maybe thousands of ranking algorithm factors that can be used to rank a video but here I am going to mention some necessary steps that you should take to increase your video impressions and click-through rate.

Click-through rate is the percentage that how many people who click on your video when they see it on their screen. For example, if your content gets 50 impressions and 35 clicks then the click-through rate will be 50 percent.

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5 tips to get more views on YouTube

  1. Create an attractive thumbnail

Thumbnail is what drives traffic to your video. If your thumbnail is attractive it will get more clicks and increase your views. The user will like your thumbnail and he will definitely watch your content by clicking on it.

Thumbnail is helpful for improving the click-through rate. The attractive thumbnail gets more clicks and it increases the click-through rate. For example, if your video gets 100 impressions and 75 clicks the click-through rate will be 75 percent.

How to make an attractive thumbnail?

An attractive thumbnail can increase your video views undoubtedly. Here are some tips to create an attractive thumbnail for your YouTube videos:

  • Use lighten background
  • Use text 3rd of the image
  • Write the best text on the image that will explain the purpose of the video.
  • Use related images.
  • Use a contrasting text color

Create your thumbnail by following these tips to increase your click-through rate. If your video is getting impressions in a few clicks, clearly there is a problem with your thumbnail. So create a thumbnail carefully to increase your clicks. Thumbnail is crucial to get more views on YouTube.

The best strategy to create an attractive thumbnail is to use A/B testing. Create different thumbnails and decided which one is looking good from a user’s point of view. This testing will be helpful dir you to create your video thumbnail.

  1. Keep monitoring your audience retention:

This is very important to keep monitoring your audience retention which is why people are not watching your videos, and why they leave watching at the start.

You can watch the audience retention by clicking the separate analytics for a single video. There you can see the full report on audience retention. The average retention rate should be at least 45 percent or more. If it is greater than 45 then well and good otherwise you need to improve your retention.

In the report, you will see the video’s retention rate with different scores.

You can check your mistakes by going into the videos with less than a 45 percent retention rate. You can watch it to see your mistakes to learn why people are leaving it.

For example, if in that video you have talked about some other topics then definitely this is your mistake. Only focus on the main topic and don’t leave the main point.

  1. Check the queries being searched:

Never ignore this point to get more views on YouTube. Keywords research can show you the full report of how people search for the content. Use the exact keywords that are being searched to get visible on the top position. Perform proper keyword research by using different research platforms like Google Keywords Planner.

  1. Build loyal viewers:

Build your loyal customers by being available in the comments section. Pin your comment in the comment section to help your customers if they have any queries. When you will post new videos these customers will increase your engagement to get recommended more. When your content will get more engagements you will be recommended to more people and definitely you will get more views on YouTube.

  1. Post videos at the best time:

Find the best time to post your YouTube videos. Time is very important to get more views on YouTube. For example, if you are posting at the sleeping time it will get fewer views but on the other hand, if you are posting your content at the right time when the audience is using YouTube it will definitely get more views.

Post your content in the evening time or from 7 pm to 11 pm. If your videos are being watched in any other country use the world clock to check the time of that country.

The second thing is to post your videos at a specific time. Your audience should know the time of posting your new content so that they can watch it easily if they are waiting for your content.


These are the 5 tips to get more views on YouTube. These tips are crucial for your channel. Hope this will help you to get your goal, if you have any queries you can approach me by using the comments section or the contact page.



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