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10 best spy apps to track a mobile

Spy apps are very powerful to track and monitor mobile phone activities and location. These apps enable you to control your mobile phone remotely. Let’s see the 10 best spy apps to track a mobile phone.

What are spy apps?

Spy apps are used to track and monitor a mobile phone’s activities remotely. These are very helpful to know the location of the targeted devices. You can control the mobile remotely without accessing the device. Different spy apps are available in the market to spy on someone’s activities.

Why are spy apps used?

Spy apps are mostly used by parents to monitor the activities of their children. In this modern age, every child has a smartphone and uses the internet. This modern technology also increases the responsibility of parents to monitor the online activities of their children. Therefore parents are worried about their children and whether their children are safe or not. They wanted to track their online activities. Therefore they look for apps that can monitor the activities of their children and give them complete details. That is the reason for developing a spy app.

10 best spy apps for mobile phones:

  • mspy
  • spybubble
  • umobix
  • cocospy
  • felxispy
  • spyine
  • ikeymonitor
  • hoverwatch
  • theonespy
  • eyezy

Benefits of using spy apps

Spy apps are very helpful for parents and others who want to track any mobile phone without accessing it. Let’s see some benefits of using spy apps to track a mobile phone.

  1. Non-Detectable:

These apps run in the background and are non-detectable for the end users. They hide and don’t show their presence to the end users. They gather the information about the victim’s mobile phone and safely transfer it to the hosting mobile phone.

  1. Remote Access:

Spy apps provide you remote access to the victim’s mobile phone. You can easily check all the activities of the victim’s mobile phone on your own mobile. You don’t have to access the mobile phone to check its messages or calls, these are all available on your own mobile phone.

  1. Access to the calls & SMS:

By installing a spy app on the victim’s mobile phone you can easily read all the messages of that mobile on your own mobile phone. You can easily check the call logs on your mobile phone. This is the best feature of spy apps.

  1. Access to mobile apps:

You will also get full access to the apps installed on the mobile. You can access Facebook activities, WhatsApp messages and Snapchat snaps. You will get full access to all apps installed on the android or ios phone.

  1. Full control:

You will get full control of the victim’s mobile phone with this method. You can monitor the internet search history, gallery media, images, and videos. Even it will give you full control of the mobile as you are using your own mobile.

  1. Location tracking:

You can also find the location of the victim where he is. Spy apps enable you to track the GPS of the mobile phone by which you will have full access to the location of the mobile.

  1. Low Price:

These apps cost very low. Some of them are totally free while others charge a low fee from their users.

  1. Easy to install:

These apps are very easy to install. You don’t have to do any tough work to use it. Just install it on the mobile and create your account. This will start working and give you a full detailed report.

  1. Easy to use:

These apps are also easy to use and are not difficult for their users. You will just have to log in to your account, and there you will get a complete report of your mobile.

  1. Not virus affected:

These apps are also safe to use and are not virus affected. Therefore no antivirus can track these apps.

Negative points of spy apps:

Everything has its positive and negative points. We are talking about spy apps so we will also discuss the disadvantages of negative points. Some disadvantages of spy apps are as follows:

  1. Limited features in the free version:

The disadvantage of spy apps is that they provide limited features in the free version. For example, some apps provide free versions but you will see few words of the message. To see the full message you will have to purchase their premium version.

  1. Show harmful notifications:

To hide this type of app we have to turn off Google Play Protect. Otherwise, google play protect shows the notification of harmful apps. And this will tell the user that an app is running in the background which is harmful to his device.

How to get started?

  • To get started with any spy app, you will have to;
  • Create your account on their official website.
  • Install the app on the victim’s mobile phone.
  • Login on the app with your account.
  • Turn off Google play protect.

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