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Best tips to become a web developer

A web developer is responsible to build responsive and user-friendly websites. Learn more about how to become a web developer and how to get started with web development.

What is web development?

Web development is the name of creating websites. The main motive is to ensure that the website is working properly. The website should be attractive and user-friendly. It is important to check whether the website is easy to navigate or not. A good web developer is also responsible for the performance of the website.

Types of web developers

Usually, web developers are of three types: front-end developers, back-end, and full stack developers. There are also web developers who are working as webmasters. Let me explain them one by one:

  • Back-end developers: Create the website, write codes, and check the working of codes. They also manage access to other users who are working on the website.
  • Front-end developers: design the visual part of the website. They manage how the website will look to the visitors. In simple meaning, they design the user interface of the website. They use HTML and JavaScript to create the visual design for each page.
  • Full-stack developers: responsible for the work of both front-end developers and back-end developers. These are the experienced web developers to build a complete website. Small organizations may hire them because they don’t have much budget to hire separate developers for sections of their websites.
  • Webmasters: manage the website after creation. They are responsible to update the website or ensuring that the website is working properly. Responsible to detect and remove the errors like links working.

Responsibilities of a web developer

Every web developer has his own responsibilities related to his work. But as a true freelancer, some necessary responsibilities are:

  • Building website: to build a website for the customer and check its working.
  • Web design: designing a user interface, and creating navigations, menus, and forms.
  • Uploading content: Uploading content on different pages of the website. Inserting multimedia like images and videos.
  • Testing: Testing website’s working.
  • Troubleshooting: detecting and removing errors from the website.

Why website is created?

why website is created

Today online websites are very popular for businesses and organizations. Websites are an integral part of any small or big business. Here are some reasons for website creation:

  • For a business: Today websites are the need of business. Today many people are doing online business using websites. As you can see there are many freelance websites and online e-commerce websites. They are running a large business using online websites. Not only online business physical businesses also need websites. You can see today every organization has its own website. People can use these websites to get information about their companies and products.
  • For personal use: Websites are also being used for personal use. Many people are fond of writing articles to share knowledge with the people of the world. They are using websites for sharing their knowledge. Many bloggers are fond of traveling. They share their experience about different places on their websites.
  • For online earning: Websites are also being used to earn money online. There are many bloggers who are writing articles and they are also earning from it. You can also start blogging to earn money online. An article writer can use different methods like an advertisement, guest posting, and many others to earn money from the website.

 Careers for a web developer

careers for a web developer

  • Freelancer: One of the easiest ways for a web developer is to become a freelancer. Most web developers are earning money by choosing to freelance. A web developer can sell his skills on a freelance marketplace and earn a lot of money from it. Different freelance marketplaces are Fiverr, Upwork and Guru.
  • Entrepreneur: A web developer has a choice to become an entrepreneur by building his own website. Many web developers are selling their skills on their own websites. In this way, you have no need to compete with other freelancers. You can build your own business.
  • Get a job: A certified web developer can get a job in any company. Websites are an integral part of the business. Many businesses and organizations need a web developer to manage their websites. A web developer can easily get a job in these organizations.

How to become a web developer?

There are many requirements to become a web developer, however here we are going to discuss some crucial tips which will help you to become a web developer.

  1. Choose your category

The first thing to become a web developer is to choose your category that whether you will be a front-end developer back-end developer or full-stack developer. Selection is very important because you are going to get into your professional life. Choose your category carefully in which you have your interest.

  1. Learn web developing skills

Learn web development skills according to your category. If you have selected the front-end category then you will have to learn completely how to do web designing. Learning skills is a very important part. The more you will learn the more you will be succeeded.

  1. Take a web development course

You can learn web development by yourself. Many people have learned web development using the internet like YouTube. You can also do this but I will recommend you to get web development skills from a registered organization. It will enhance your skills. The most popular organization for learning online skills in Pakistan is DigiSkills.

  1. Get a certificate

Get your web developer certificate. A certified web developer gets more success and value. As you have taken your course by a registered organization you will get a certificate from that organization. This will help you to get a job in any web development company or to become a successful freelancer.

  1. Build your portfolio

Complete more projects to build your portfolio. A portfolio plays an important role in building your brand as a web developer. If you have a good portfolio you will get more attention from buyers.

  1. Polish your skills:

Never stop learning, keep polishing your skills. You have got web developing skills but this is not enough. Get more and more until you become more prominent than others in your field.

Skills needed for becoming a web developer:

As a web developer needed many skills to become a successful developer. However, we have divided the developer’s skills into two categories:

Technical skills

As the responsibility of a web developer is to build and manage websites. So he must acquire some technical skills to become a web developer:

  • Programming languages: Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages. The more you have knowledge about programming languages it will be easy for you to build a responsive website.
  • Knowledge of CMS: Content Management systems (CMS) are very popular today. They are easy to use because you don’t need to learn coding to build a website on CMS. You should have knowledge about popular CMS like WordPress because most people require creating their websites using WordPress.

Soft skills

A web developer works with teams and organizations, so he must have some soft skills to become a choice for others. Here are some soft skills of a web developer which are necessary for him:

  • Communication: A web developer should have some communication skills. He must be a diplomatic person. He should know how to communicate with others. Communication skills help a lot in dealing with others.
  • Time management: A web developer should know how to manage his time. He is responsible to deliver his project on time. He should be punctual and should manage his time to manage his work.
  • Problem-solving: To find the best solution for a problem is known as problem-solving. A web developer must know how to solve the problem of the user. He should create a website that will fulfill the requirements of the user.


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