Create your website in cheap price

Create your website in cheap price Beginners guide

Cheap Website For Beginners

Do you want to create your website to start your business online or you wanted to start your blog website to earn money online, but you don’t have much money to start your career in online field. Don’t worry we have a solution for you. Here we will tell you how you can create your website in cheap price to start your career.

Many people wanted to start website but they are worried about investment. They don’t want to take risk to start a website in the beginning. They wanted to start website without any cost or by spending a small amount of money.

Create your website in cheap price

If you want to create your website for free you can choose blogger to start your free blog. Or if you want to start your professional website you can also use some free hosting and domain providers to start your first website. But as we know free hosting services have some limitations. We can’t do our work properly if we get these free hosting. For example we can’t do a proper SEO on free hosting websites because they are slow and also does not have a top level domain. Therefore we have to start a website without any limitations.

The best cheap hosting for WordPress website

There are many cheap hosting providers are available in the market. But most of the people do not know about them. Some best cheap hosting providers are Godaddy, Bluehost and Hostinger. But here we are going to tell you about a hosting provider which is cheaper than all of these hosting providers.


IONOS is one of the best and cheap hosting provider companies. This company is providing the best and cheap hosting from all other hosting companies. We will recommend you to use IONOS in beginning to create your website. So let’s see why we are recommending you to choose IONOS for your starting website. See some of the facilities of IONOS hosting:

Feature of IONOS WP hosting

Pricing Features

IONOS WP Business plan is very cheap than any other hosting plan. As we have mentioned above that there are many other hosting providers which are providing cheap hosting to create your website like Bluehost and Hostinger. They are providing hosting plan from just 2 dollars monthly. But IONOS is cheaper than that here you will get a hosting plan in just 0.5 dollars per month. So you can decide which hosting plan is cheaper.

Free domain

As there are many hosting providers which are providing cheap hosting but you have to purchase a domain to start your website. The advantage of IONOS is that you will also get a free domain with your hosting plan. Don’t be late to create your website with free Top Level Domain.


IONOS is providing the best uptime about 99%. So this is also the best feature of IONOS hosting. You can create your website with the best and fast hosting.

How to install WordPress on IONOS hosting

IONOS is providing one click install feature so that you could install WordPress easily. You have also a choice to install WP by following the normal procedure. It depends on you which option is best and easy for you.

Run your website

Now you have installed WordPress on your IONOS hosting and your site is ready to run. You can install theme of your own choice. You can also design your website according to your own choice that which website you want to make. Whether it will be a blog website or an e-commerce website.

So this is how you can create your website in cheap price to start your career in online business without taking risk of money. This will just a surprise for you when you will purchase and start your website. This will cost you around 6 dollars for one year with hosting and free domain.

Some weak points of IONOS hosting

So guys we are not providing you the paid promotion of IONOS hosting. We have just shared it with you because we think that this is the best option for the beginners who wanted to start their website in cheap price. So this is not a aid promotion we are also sharing you some weak points of this hosting then it will be on you that whether you will adopt it or not.

Traffic limits

So in this hosting you will get some limitations like you will get a limit of visitors which you will get monthly on your website. This hosting can easily manage upto 25000 visitors for month. I think this is enough for the beginners because they are just wanted to test their experience and in the beginning a website does not get so many visitors. If you think that this is not enough for you then you can transfer your hosting and domain anywhere else to run your website smoothly.

Customer supports:

The customer support of IONOS is not very good. They are not providing the facility to contact them on their e-mail or any other platform. They are providing customer support on call which is not easy for all. Because international call costs more and most people can’t contact them.

However you can contact them on Facebook by using their Facebook page. They will reply you for your question but this service is also slow.

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