How to check WIFI password

Check any WIFI password

There are many ways to check your WIFI passwords. Here we will discuss some best and most legit ways to check WIFI passwords easily.

Today many people are searching to check their WIFI passwords. Some of them wanted to hack others’ WIFI and some have their own WIFI router but they forget their WIFI password. So there may be many reasons to check a WIFI password. So let’s start our topic.

Ways to check WIFI password.

There are 3 ways to check the password for your WIFI:

  1. Check password by decoding QR code
  2. Check password by using a laptop
  3. Check the password by using the router admin panel

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1. Decoding QR code

If you have forgotten your WIFI password, you can check your WIFI password by using your mobile phone. If you have connected your mobile to that internet connection you can easily find your password by decoding your mobile QR code. To check your WIFI password just follow these steps:

  • Go to your mobile screen and open your WIFI settings.
  • When you open your mobile WIFI option there you will find all available networks.
  • If you have connected your mobile to that network which password do you want to find you will see an option of QR code against the connected WIFI network.
  • Just take a screenshot of that QR code and save it.
  • Now go to the website ZXING
  • Upload your screenshot there and decode it.
  • You will get your password when it will be decoded.

Note: This password works on only Android version 9 or above.

2. Check the password by using the laptop

The second method to check the WIFI password is by using the laptop. If you have a laptop that is connected to that network you can easily check your password. To check your password just follow these steps;

  • Go to your WIFI setting on your laptop or computer.
  • Then click on the open network and sharing center.
  • There you will find three options. Click on change adapter settings.
  • After this, you will again find three options. In these options, you will see the name of your connected network. Click on the network which is a connected network.
  • It will show the properties of that network.
  • Then select wireless properties.
  • In the wireless properties option click on the security option.
  • On the password option select show password, it will show the password of your WIFI network.

The summary of the steps to check the WIFI password by using a PC.

WIFI > open network and sharing center > change adapter > connected network > wireless properties > security > Show password

3. Check the password by using the router admin panel

The third method to check your network password is to use your router admin panel.

  • First of all, make sure that your mobile or computer is connected to the same network for which password you are trying to check.
  • Now go to your router login page.
  • Enter the login credentials which are printed on the back of your WIFI router.
  • After login go to your network settings. Then click on the security option.
  • Click on show password there you will find your WIFI password.

The summary of the steps to check the WIFI password by using the router admin panel.

Router admin panel > Login > network setting > security > show password

These are some easy and legit ways to check your internet password if you forget your password you can easily find it by following these steps. If you have any problem with these methods you can comment with us we will guide you as possible. If you want to check someone other’s internet password, you can also do this. You can attack it with WPS security. If you want to learn completely follow our website and give us your reply in the comments section.


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