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Get first order on Fiverr (guaranteed)

Get first order on fiverr We know if you are here you definitely wanted to get first order on fiverr. Most of the freelancers start freelancing on fiverr to earn a passive income because they know online world has a lot of income. But most of them could not get orders on fiverr and they leave freelancing. We are here to tell you that freelancing is not a tough work it is just a game to understand buyers requirements and a little bit SEO of fiverr. If you are here we just want a favor from you that read this complete article with your complete attention, we believe that you will definitely learn something from this article.

Tips to get first order on fiverr

If you are a new freelancer and wanted to become successful freelancer then you are at the right place here you will find a complete guide how you can get orders on fiverr and become successful in the world of freelancing. To get first order on fiverr, follow these steps which we are providing you here:

  1. Create your gig:

The first step to start freelancing is to create your gig. You can create your gig by clicking on the option to become a seller. The most important points before creating your gig are follows:

  • Do proper keywords research to use them in your gig.
  • Never copy others gig description. Try to write you own and unique gig description.
  • Create a SEO friendly URL.
  • Make your own images to describe your gig.
  • Write a suitable title for your gig which will attract the buyers to click on it.

If you want to learn complete how to create an attractive and SEO friendly gig, we have written a detailed article on this topic you can also read that article from our website.

  1. Stay online:

If you want to start your career in freelancing then this is very important for you to give time to freelancing and stay active. If you want to get first order on fiverr more quickly then give time daily and stay active on it. You will definitely get your first order soon. Staying online is a part of fiverr SEO. If you will stay active your gig will get more ranking.

  1. Use the power of social media:

Social media is a great way to get orders easily. There is also possibility that if you gain traffic from social media your gig will rank faster. According to the fiverr more visits on a gig become a source of ranking it. So if you will get more visitors by using social media your gig will also rank on fiverr. The other benefit of social media is that you can get buyers directly from your Facebook account. There is a possibility that someone will get your service on social media and give first order to you.

  1. Use of video:

You can use video in your gig to attract more buyers. Video has a capability to attract users more than images. Buyers can see you skills in your video and they can place an order to you. So never underestimate the power of video. Try to use short but pure video that will describe your skills clearly.

  1. Have some patience:

It is not possible that now you have created your gig and in the next moment you will get first order on it. Getting order on fiverr is a lengthy procedure. When you create your gig it will take time to get rank. When your gig will get ranking more people click on it, if you have created an attractive gig then there is a possibility that someone will place an order. But to get first order this is important to learn both things that how to rank your fiverr gig and how to create attractive gig so people will click on it and place order.

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