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Google Meet will now allow to stream meetings on YouTube

Google Meet will now allow you to stream to meetings on YouTube. As we know during the pandemic people have to remain at home. During this pandemic the use of online platforms for business has been increased. People are turning now to online platforms to perform their business activities. This has increased the use of video meeting platforms like Zoom and Google meet. They are in high demand and they started to improve their services because they know that people are now performing their business activities online. They will choose that platform that will provide them more and best features for their business activities. Now Zoom and Google Meet are improving their services so that they will become the choice of the people. In this way Google Meet is providing the best features every day. Now Google has introduced some new features which we will discuss in this article.

What is Google Meet

Google meet is a platform which allows the people to do their business meeting online. Now people can join their business meeting online by joining video chat from their home.  This is a best feature for those people who are not working at the same place. They are at different places and they have to join meetings every day. Now they can start their business meeting by using Google online meeting platform and the other people will join this meeting. They can share their reviews by using their laptop or mobile. A person in Google Meeting can also share what is going on his computer screen. He is able to talk with people and get their opinion online.

This is becoming more popular in different fields like business and education. Now a businessman does not need to go anywhere to join a business meeting. They are joining their meetings easily from their home. In education field the use of online platform is also increasing day by day. Now the trend of online education is very popular among the students and the teachers. This allows the student to get education from home by joining an online class. This can be done by using this online platform. The students can attend their class online and can ask questions from their teachers.

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How much does it costs:

You have to purchase its membership to start your online meeting. This costs around 6 dollars per month if you purchase a basic plan. In this basic plan 25 people can join the meeting easily. There are also some other plans. The more you pay the more people can join the meeting.

Google Meet new feature

Now google meet will allow you to stream your online meeting on YouTube. This can be done by purchasing a plan of its membership. You can now easily stream your meetings on YouTube. To do this you have to get an approved YouTube channel. You can apply easily for its approval from your laptop or by using your mobile phone and wait for it to be approved. It will be approved within 48 hours after you apply for it. After approval of your channel you can easily stream your online meetings on your YouTube channel. This is the best feature for those people who could not join online meeting for any reason but they are now able to watch a complete meeting discussion on YouTube channel.

No doubt that Google’s products are best in every field. Google is working day and night to improve its products. Google meet is also working to improve its services like video chat, emojies and many other services. As the time is increasing Google’s products are becoming more popular among people.

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