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How to find song by humming: Google Hum To Search

Have a song stuck in your mind and don’t know the title to search it on the web? Don’t worry here you will find a solution to get the song that you want without searching for its title. Use Google Hum To Search to search for a song with a few words or just hum it.

Sometimes we forget a song title and this stuck in our minds. We want to search for it but we don’t have enough words to search for it on the web. Even sometimes we also don’t know even a word of that song. Everyone hears a song somewhere then they become curious about that song and try to search for that song on the web, here is the solution:

Introduction to Google Hum

Google hum is a service provided by Google to search for a song by just humming it. Google hum uses machine learning technology Google Hum offers its users to just hum, whistle, or sing a few lines of a song to get the song stuck in their minds. When you hum a song Google recognize your tune and gives you the result with the complete details of the song such as title, artist, lyrics, and more.

How Google Hum Works

Google Hum is developed by Google just a few years ago and now it is being used in Now Playing on the Pixel 2. Google Hum uses machine learning technology to find the song with hum. Google believes that a song melody is just like a fingerprint, so it is easy to find a song with a whistle and hum. When you whistle a song machine learning algorithms remove the details from a tune a convert them into a numbers-based sequence to find a unique melody. This algorithm identifies the melody from singing or humming to provide the match result of a song.

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How to use Google Hum to search

You can use Google Hum To Search by following these steps;

Go to your Google app on your mobile and click on the mic option.

Then click on the search a song button.

hum to search 2

Now you can hum or whistle a song you want. Give 10 to 15 seconds of clear voice to Google so that you can get the right song.

Google hum to search 3

You will find the result of that songs. You can click on load more if the right song is not on the list. If it is not showing you the right result you can click on try again and hum again.

Clear your throat and remove the background noise and then try again.

How well does Google Hum To Search work?

As you know every Google product is a brand in itself. They are providing the best products than any other. So let’s test the Google Hum To Search, and how well it works.

For example, we are going to hum the Happy Birthday song, and let’s see what result it will show to us:

Google hum to search test 1

So as you can see it is showing us the right song we hummed.

Now let’s take another test to sing a poem Johnny Johnny Yes Papa. So let’s try this hum.

Google hum to search test 2

That’s great; it’s a perfect match for our song.

It is working well and showing the perfect match of our humming. It doesn’t mean that it is hundred percent correct. Maybe it can give the wrong suggestions to us but we can say that it is a great feature and for the maximum times it is giving the right results.

This was a detailed explanation of Google Search To Hum. Now you can easily find the song stuck in your mind. Give us your suggestions if you have a little time for us.

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