how to rank website on google first page

How to rank website on Google

It is not very difficult to rank website on Google first page if you are working sincerely. You will have to be sincere with your work to get success in any field. Today everyone is trying to get into the online world. The number of blogs is increasing day by day. Many people are choosing blogging to start their online career and to earn a passive income from the internet. But most of the people can’t work properly and they can’t rank their blogs. They become bore of their work. Today we are going to discuss some tips by which you can easily rank your blog on Google to get more traffic.

If you wanted to rank website on Google we have a guide for you. You will have to work sincerely to rank website. Nothing is impossible if you do it with determination. We are going to discuss with you some of the best tips to rank website on Google.

Tips to rank website on Google

  • Unique content
  • Regular update
  • Top level domain
  • Work on SEO
  • Build your links
  • Increase your site speed
  • Gain trust of Google
  • Link to high authority sites
  • Backlinks from .edu and .gov sites
  • Do a proper keyword research


  1. Unique content:

Create your own unique content. It will make your brand. People will visit your website if you have a unique and interesting content. It will also affect your website ranking on Google and other search engines. If you will copy others content you will lose your trust and ranking on Google. Give a new content in the market which is not available before.

  1. Regular update:

Regular update is a ranking factor which I think is the most important point to rank website on Google. Many people start blogging and they get bored in a few days. They write their article after a week or whenever they got free. But I think we should update our content on daily basis or at least after 2 days. Google looks interestingly into the sites which are updating more quickly. SO if you are a new blogger you should keep updating your content if you want to rank website on google.

  1. Top level domain:

Top level domains are more trustable domains in the eyes of Google and other search engines. These websites get more traffic and rank website on search engines. You should use top level domain if you can afford. Top level domains include .com, .net, .org and many others. These domains are also easy to remember than any subdomain like .blogspot. com or .wordpress .com.

How to get a free domain name

  1. Work on SEO:

If you are here on this post we can assume that you are aware of SEO that is search engine optimization. You should learn SEO if you want to become successful in blogging. SEO plays an important role in ranking any website. These are the tips which google provides to improve our search presence. So if google is recommending us to do a proper SEO then why we should not adopt it?

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  1. Build your links:

Build your links with high ranking website. It means that get backlinks from those websites that are already ranking. Backlinks can improve your search presence within a few days. If you don’t know how to get backlinks we will recommend you to learn this part because this is the most important part of website SEO.

What are backlinks?

  1. Increase your web page speed:

The speed of your site increase traffic on your site. If your site loads fast users will remember it and visit it again and again. On the other hand if it loads slow user will leave your web page and this will result into the high bounce rate.

Website speed performance in detail

  1. Gain trust of Google:

Google gives more importance to those sites which are trustable to him. You will have to build your trust to rank higher. You can build your trust by providing unique and safe content. Never use content including drug dealing, weapons or any illegal promotion. Always try to write safe and peaceful content.

  1. Link to high authority sites:

Link to high authority sites means that you can link your content with other websites which have a higher authority. As you can see many sites have linked their content with Wikipedia to increase the depth of their content. You have a right to put Wikipedia link related to your content topic if you can’t explain your topic briefly.

  1. Backlinks from .edu and .gov sites:

This is a best and easy way to rank website that try to get link from websites which have .edu or .gov extensions. These sites are more trustable and have approximately zero spam score. Getting link from these sites is difficult but if you will get a link it will rank website within a few days. These links are very powerful in ranking any web page.

  1. Do a proper keyword research:

Proper keyword research is necessary to create any page or blog article. You should learn how to do a proper keyword research to get more traffic.

How to do keyword research

Try to use keywords which are trending on Google and have low competition. You can use Google keyword planner if you want to do free keyword research or if you have budget than you can get paid platforms like semrush or ahref. On keyword planner tool you can select location where you want to check keywords like if you want to check the demand of mobile phones in Pakistan you can select Pakistan as location and it will show you the search volume related to mobile phones in Pakistan.

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