How to start guest blogging

How to start guest blogging and earn money

Guest blogging is the name of writing blog posts for other websites. If you have less traffic on your site then stop writing for yourself and start writing for others. This will be more helpful for you to write for others.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is a name for writing blog posts for other websites. In a simple way, we can say that writing articles for someone else’s website is known as guest blogging.

Why do people use guest blogging?

  • To get backlinks: Guest blogging is mostly used to get backlinks from other websites. It is the best use of guest blogging for those who have their own websites. Backlinks increase the authority of a website and increase its ranking in search engines. People write for others because they wanted to get backlinks from their websites and they are also ready to pay for this. So if you have less traffic on your website then start writing for others and create backlinks for your own website.
  • To make a brand: Some people write on other’s websites to advertise their brand. Many mobile phone companies write their mobile reviews on popular blogs to advertise their mobile phone.
  • To earn money: Some websites pay for writing articles for them. Many content writers write articles for them and get paid for this. This is also a type of guest blogging.

How to start guest blogging

  1. Select your topic:

The first step is to select the topic on which you want to write articles. You should write on the topic which will be beneficial for you. For example, if you have a digital marketing agency then write on digital marketing this will help you to get more audience on your site. The article niche should be related to your website. Otherwise, this will not give you any benefit.

  1. Write your post:

Now you have selected your topic and the next step is to write your post. Write a minimum 800 words long unique article to post on a website. The article should be plagiarism-free and SEO friendly. Try to write a beautiful and simple article that will be helpful for your audience. Here are some tips for writing a guest post:

  • The minimum length should be 800 words.
  • Use attractive heading in your article.
  • Use media like images and videos.
  • Write with complete research.
  • Use links with the right keyword.

Write your guest post article in Google docs. This is the best platform to write a guest post. You can easily write a blog post. You can use media like images and videos in your article. You can also put links with your keywords. The owner of the website has to do nothing. He will just copy your content and paste it to his website.

  1. Search for guest blogging websites:

Now the third step is to find guest blogging websites where you will publish your article. There are many tools available that will help you to find guest blogging sites but here I will tell you to find guest blogging websites using google search. Try the following steps to find the guest blogging websites related to your website niche:

Open Google and search the following query:

Write for us + your niche

Example: Write for us + technology

  1. Send your article to the website:

You have selected the site where you are going to publish your article. You have to send your article to the owner of that website. Some of them use the contact form to get articles from the writers. You can also send your message and article using their contact form. Some of them provide Emails to contact them. You can send your article and your message to them by sending them an email.

  1. Wait some time for the article to be published:

The last step is to have some patience. Now you have sent your article to the website. Now you have to wait for a short time. They will review your article and then publish your article on their website. Some websites take 3 to 4 working days to publish an article.

Can I earn from guest blogging?

How to earn from guest blogging

Now you must have a question in mind that can I earn money from guest blogging? Yes, guest blogging is a great opportunity to earn money. You can make your future in the guest blogging.

How to earn from guest blogging?

Become a broker between business sites and guest blogging sites. You can earn a lot of money by publishing guest posts on business sites on blogs. You can offer your services to the people and get paid for this. Here are some ways to get clients to start guest blogging:

1. Become a freelancer: One of the best ways to get clients is to become a freelancer. You can select any freelance platform and offer your services online. You can use Fiverr to create your gig. People will contact you to get your services and they will also pay you for this.

2. Use Google search: Google search can also help you to get clients for your business. You can search on Google and offer your services to online content creators. Take the following steps to get clients from Google:

  • Search that keyword on Google which is related to your niche.
  • For example, if you are writing about digital marketing you can search on Google digital marketing services.
  • You will find some websites related to digital marketing.
  • Select the sites which are under the top 10.
  • Contact them and offer your services to give high authority backlinks.
  • Hope they will accept your proposal and are ready to pay you for this.

3. Use social media: Use social media platforms like Facebook to get clients for your business. You can join Facebook groups related to guest blogging. Offer your services in those groups. There are lots of people on Facebook who are searching for backlink services. You can convince them by sending them messages and can make them your regular clients.


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