how to write articles

How to write articles which will get more audience

Article writing is a skill that can be developed by writing a piece of stories and knowledge-based paragraphs. In this section, you will learn how to write articles that will get more sales and traffic if it is published on a website.

What is article

An article is a paragraph that is written to be published in a newspaper or on a website. The article can be written to make some changes. It could be a news article or it could consist of knowledge paragraphs.

How to write articles

There are many rules to writing articles. Such as an article should be simple, knowledge-based, and meaningful. This is the best practice if you are able to do it. You can use it on your own blog online or you can sell it for a handsome amount of money.

Tips to write articles

  1. Select your topic
  2. Target your audience
  3. Think of a powerful Title
  4. Make a deep research
  5. Select your language
  6. Make your article outline
  7. Use some powerful words
  8. Use headings to make it attractive
  9. Make it errors free
  10. Select your platform to publish


Select your topic

I know you are here to learn how to write articles. So this is the first step to writing articles to select your topic. Select which topic you are going to write articles on. As you can see on this website Algrowpk there is a lot of content that is related to technology. We are writing our articles on technology topics. In this category, you will also find a lot of topics like blogging, hacking, editing, tech knowledge, and many others. So you will have to choose the best topic according to your knowledge and skill.

Target your audience

You will have to target your audience before working on this. Select your topic according to your audience’s choice whether your audience will read them and will take interest in this topic. Select your topic according to your audience and which topic is liked by many people.

Think of a powerful Title

The title is the main thing that attracts the audience. You will have to write a powerful this will get more audience. You can see that there are many newspapers and news websites that publish the same content but they use different titles. And you can see that the best title gets more views.

Make a deep research

Don’t try to write poor content with your little knowledge. Try different sources to do research. Today internet is the main source of research like Google. You can do your research on any topic easily on the internet. Try to give more knowledge to your audience because this is the main thing that people are searching for.

Select your language:

Selecting a language is also a step because there are many languages that people use in different parts of the world. You will select your language according to your viewers that where you are providing your content. If you are using a website and you are writing for a website then it is better to write in the English language because this is an international language and the website is also can be accessed from any part of the world.

Make your article outline:

create a beautiful outline that will look better. Try to create heading bullet and numbering and many other formats. This will look better and people will like it. There is another benefit of outlining that it makes it to read easily like the reader can see the table of content and go to that part which he wanted to read without wasting any time.

Use some powerful words

Powerful words mean that use words that will force people to go through it. Try to use words so that no one can ignore them. If you are writing for a website then you can use keywords that are mostly being searched on search engines. You can also search keywords by using google keywords planner.

Use headings to make it attractive

As we have mentioned above make your outline. Use headings so that it will become easy to read because headings can express the reason for writing in an easy manner.

Make it errors free

Use your native language or language in which you have great knowledge. If you are using the English language then you should improve your grammar. After completing your writing read it carefully and correct where you find any mistakes. Read it until it becomes free of errors.

Select your platform to publish

Now the last and final stage is to select a platform to publish. It depends on whether you are going to choose a newspaper or a website. But use the format according to your publishing platform.


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