revcontent review 2022

Revcontent Review 2022 Pros and Cons

Revcontent ad network is the best fast-growing ad network. It is the fastest-growing ad network in the market. It is in the market for many past years. Here you will find a detailed Revcontent review.


Revcontent was founded in 2013. Now it is the most popular ad network in the market. it is also known for its fastest growth in the market. It is a lightweight, customizable, and latest technology ad network. It is the fastest-growing ad network and has had rapid success since its discovery.

It is the best ad network with the best customization options for both publishers and advertisers. It is also known for its matchless performance. Its ads are very lightweight and fast loading. It provides full customization options for publishers such as a widget or gallery implementation.

Revcontent is also popular for its real-time reporting and statistics by which publishers can check the performance of their website and can optimize it according to their needs.

As we are talking about the properties of the Revcontent ad network, but it is not easy to get approval for a website from Revcontent. Only websites with quality content and a high amount of traffic can get approval from Revcontent. If you are a new blogger and you don’t have enough traffic on your site then this is not the right option for you. But if a website gets approval from the Revcontent ad network, it can generate good revenue from it. It is providing high revenue and earnings to its publishers.

Revcontent is providing advertising for both platforms mobile and desktop. It uses the best technology to engage the audience. Its ads are also suitable for mobile devices and are not harmful to the site’s speed.

You can also use some other ad networks if your site could not get approval from revcontent. You can use AdSense or AdSense alternatives for your website.

Ads offered by Revcontent

1. Native Ads
The best ad type provided by Revcontent. Publishers can customize ad fonts and colors. It is fast loading and does not affect the page speed. Revcontent promises to provide 60% extra load time than any other ads network.
2. Google AMP
This type is specially designed for mobile devices. Users can use this for fast loading and high engagements. Revcontent also claims that the publishers will get a 40% high CPM by using these ads.
3. Video Ads
Video ads are suitable for high revenue. Publishers can earn more income by using video ads on their websites.
4. Newsletter
Publishers can monetize their email audience and generate high revenue with this ad type. Revcontent promises a $5 increase in CPM with this type of ad.

Revcontent Pros and Cons


  • High-Quality ads
  • High revenue
  • High paying advertisers
  • Good for mobile monetization
  • Fast loading ads
  • Customizable widgets
  • Best customer support
  • Different payments options
  • Allow referral earning


Require high traffic for monetization
Not available for small bloggers

How to get started?

To get started with Revcontent the user just need to fill out a form and provide information about his site and traffic.

When you will fill out the form it will require some more information from you to complete your profile. Such as your name, email, and password. You will have to provide complete details about yourself so that they will contact you when your site will get approval.

You can create an account as a publisher and advertiser and the same time. The good point of this is that if your site will not get approval from Revcontent you can still use your account as an advertiser.

When your site will get approved by Revcontent, they will contact you by using your email address. There they can ask for some more information from you such as ads type and placement. Then they will send you the codes of the ads. You can place these ads on your website wherever you want. You can customize these ads completely.

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