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Top 10 tips to drive traffic to your website

Looking for more traffic on your site? Let’s get some ideas to drive traffic to your website.

Drive traffic to your website is not a difficult thing, we just need to work on the SEO of our website to get more visitors. Here we will discuss some if necessary points which can drive more traffic to your website within a few days.

Tips to drive traffic to your website

  1. Use a custom domain

Custom domains like .COM, .NET, and .ORG get more ranking on search engines and boost sales on your website. Custom domains also build trust in the eyes of search engines and users. Users click on the sites with popular custom domains rather than any other subdomain. There are many benefits of these domains like it build trust in users and search engines and these domains are easy to remember and type than long subdomains.

  1. Use Quora 

Quora is a social platform where you can find the right answer to your questions. You can also answer the others’ questions to get traffic to your website. You can find the questions related to your website niche and answer them with the URL of your website. Write a short and descriptive answer and leave your site URL with the answer. There are great chances that if the visitor likes your answer he will definitely visit your website to find more interesting content.

Guide to Quora

  • Go to the Quora website and create your account.
  • Search the questions related to your website niche. For example, your website is related to a digital marketing search question about digital marketing. 
  • Answer these questions shortly and leave your website link. 
  1. Use of Pinterest

Pinterest is the best platform to share your website content and articles to drive traffic to your website. You can link your blog with Pinterest which will automatically share your articles on Pinterest. The benefit of Pinterest is that its pins also show in search engine result pages, so there is a chance you will get traffic from Google. Share your articles regularly because this will help you to drive traffic to your website.

  1. Write unique and valuable content

If your website has unique and valuable content it will definitely get more ranking on Google and get more views. If your content is unique and interesting users will visit your site repeatedly to find more interesting tips Google also gives more importance to unique and interesting content. If you have valuable content for these users Google will definitely rank your site on its top search result pages. 

  1. Use social media sharing

Social media can be used as a tool to drive traffic to your website. There are many social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Quora and Pinterest are also a part of the social media platform. You can create your Facebook page to increase your customers and share your articles on Facebook to get more visitors to your website. Facebook advertisements can also increase your site traffic.

  1. Get backlinks

Backlinks can improve your site ranking on search engines to get more visitors to your site. They also provide direct traffic to your website. If you have a backlink on a popular site there is a great possibility that the visitors will click on the link and visit your website. They will also improve your domain rating and authority. 

  1. Use advertisement

Advertisement is the best way to generate sales for a new website. A new website takes some time to rank on search engines and generating sales from a new site is difficult. But you can use advertisements like Google advertisements to get more customers and boost your sales.

  1. Improve SEO 

SEO is the need of online businesses. You should improve your site SEO if you are not getting ranked on Google. Learn a little bit of SEO from YouTube and other online platforms or if you have a budget then hire an SEO consultant. An SEO consultant can improve the ranking of your website easily. 

  1. Inbound Marketing

You can generate sales with the help of inbound marketing. Write blogs about your products and convince your visitors to buy your products. It will improve your website ranking and sales. For example, if you have an online e-commerce site you can write articles about your products and share them on different platforms. When users will read your articles they will take interest in your products and maybe they will buy them. 

  1. Use email marketing

Email marketing can be used to drive traffic to a website. Use the subscription button on your website, if a user subscribes to it he will get an email about your new blogs. You can also promote emails to the customers to drive traffic to your website. WordPress users can use plugins for this purpose.


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