tips to get AdSense approval

Tips to get Google AdSense approval easily

How to get Google AdSense approval for a website easily

Are you a website owner or have a blog? You are creating content that takes time and you want to make it profitable by getting AdSense approval. We know that it is hard for a new blogger to get Google AdSense approval. But here we are providing you with some best tips to get google AdSense approval fast.

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How to get AdSense approval:

The first thing to get Google AdSense approval fast you will have to follow AdSense policies. Without following Google AdSense policies you can’t get AdSense approval.

Google AdSense likes content. If your site has enough content and this content is unique you will definitely get AdSense approval. You should upload content regularly on your website and this content should be unique. Try to write long content on your website.

The second thing is to follow google AdSense policies. Without following Google AdSense policies you can’t get AdSense approval. It will show you a policy violation error every time when you apply for AdSense approval for your website. So follow Google AdSense policies. Here we will discuss some necessary policy violations that can restrict you to get AdSense approval.

The third one is to generate high-value content. It is common that people are getting low-value content errors. There may be a reason that people are not searching for your content or your content is copyrighted. So try to make your content unique and make sure that people are searching your content on Google. To rank your content on Google you will have to do proper SEO of your content. So we will discuss these three topics to get AdSense approval for a new blog or a website.

Tips to get Google AdSense approval fast and easily

1, Write unique content

Definitely, you have heard from someone that “content is king”. If your content is unique you will definitely get rank and can get AdSense approval easily. Google never approves copyrighted content. Content must be unique and valuable. Unique content gets ranked on Google and provides more traffic to the website. So indirectly it helps us to get AdSense approval because google AdSense approved websites with more traffic easily.

2. Increase text size than HTML size of your website

Increasing the text size than the HTML size of your website means trying to write long articles on your website. Long content increases the text size of a website more than its HTML size. It is good for SEO. If your content is long there are more chances to get AdSense approval.

3. Don’t use copyrighted images

Most people use images from google for their website. This is the most dangerous thing that people do with their websites. You should always use copyright-free images for your website because AdSense does not give approval to those websites which are copyrighted. Try to make your own images or use images from platforms that provide copyright-free images like Unsplash.

4. Don’t use too many external links

We use external links to improve our SEO performance or for any other reason. A website with too many external links doesn’t get Google AdSense approval. Your website should not have links that point your users to another site. So try to use fewer external links on your website and use them only if needed.

5. Improve your website structure

Website structure is also the best part of a website. You should improve your website structure. If your website is under construction, never apply for AdSense approval. First of all, improve your website structure to make it better for users and google bots then you will be eligible to get AdSense approval.

6. Don’t use the button without links

This is also a part of the website structure. You should not use buttons without links like menus without having a link or pointing to another site. You should use links behind your menu button which will point to your own website pages. If you use a button without links or using links that are pointing users to another website you will get a navigation behavior error.

7. Try to use proper language

Proper language should be used on your website like English, Urdu, or any other language. Never use languages in roman formats like roman English. For example “ye meri website hai ”. Try to avoid these types of languages. Try to write the language in its original format.

8. Get more traffic to your website

Traffic also plays an important role in your website being approved by Google AdSense. You should increase your website traffic by doing proper SEO of your website or by building your network on different platforms. If you have a lot of traffic on your website there is no chance that your website will be rejected.

9. Don’t use social media traffic

The social media traffic is mostly used by beginners. AdSense considers social media traffic as spam or paid traffic. So if you are using social media traffic like Facebook traffic your website will not be approved by Google AdSense. Try to avoid social media traffic. Your main traffic source should be search engines like Google and Bing.

10. Use a custom domain

Custom domain increases the chances of website approval. Google AdSense and other ad networks give priority to custom domains than a subdomain. So if you are a blogger try to use a custom domain like .com or .net.

11. Don’t use third-party ads during the approval process

If you are applying for Google AdSense approval, remove third-party ads from your website if you are using propellers or adsterra. These types of ads are annoying for website users. Try to make your website better for user experience. User experience matters more. Google gives high importance to websites that are better for its users. It does not approve websites which is annoying for users.

These are the best tips to get AdSense approval for your website. If you are following these rules you will get your website approval easily. AdSense policies are more important. You should follow them carefully.

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