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5 ways to watch YouTube without ads

Everyone loves to watch YouTube videos, but they don’t want ads on YouTube videos. YouTube ads are annoying for its users because when you are watching your favorite video then ads will bother you. So everyone wants to watch YouTube without ads. Here you will find some best ways to watch YouTube without ads. To discuss our main tricks first we will take a look at YouTube ads and its working that how ads work.

What are YouTube ads?

YouTube ads are basically provided by Google that appears when you are watching a video. This is the way of earning for YouTube and its users. Many content creators create their channels and monetize them through Google. They get paid for showing advertisements on their channel from Google. YouTube is providing different types of ads and video ads are the most popular ads. Some video ads allow you to skip to the video but some do not, you have to watch a complete ad. So this is the source of YouTube earnings.

How does YouTube show ads?

YouTube shows ads to its users while they are watching the videos on YouTube. YouTube always tries to show relevant ads to the user for the best user experience. Mostly the ads will be related to the video you are watching or related to the search history of your browser.

These ads are definitely annoying for the users, so let’s look at how we can get rid of these ads and watch YouTube without ads.

5 ways to watch YouTube without ads

  • Purchase YouTube premium plan
  • Use YouTube videos downloader websites
  • Use ads blocker apps
  • Ads blocker web browser extensions
  • Use VPN
  1. Purchase the YouTube premium plan

The best way to get rid of these ads is to purchase a premium plan. This is the easy and straight way to block ads and get access to the featured content on YouTube. If you have a budget to purchase a premium plan then we will strongly recommend you this option. In the other methods, you will have to indulge third-party apps to block ads, which is not easy and secure. If you don’t want to spend money on this then you can use some alternative methods to block ads while watching videos.

  1. Use YouTube videos downloader apps

If you are not going to purchase the premium plan then this will be the best option for you to watch YouTube without ads. Today there are a lot of websites that are providing video streaming from YouTube. You can stream videos on these sites rather than going to the official website. You can also download these videos into your mobile gallery. If you don’t have time you can download the videos on your storage and then you can watch them whenever you want. These websites are known as YouTube video downloaders. The most popular apps for android are:

  • SnapTube
  • VidMate

These are third-party apps that are not available on Google Play Store, you can download them from their official website. Download the apk file and install it on your android mobile phone to enjoy.

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  1. Use of ads blocker

Ads blocker is another way to block ads on YouTube, and enjoy ad-free streaming. You can download any ad blocker app to block ads on your mobile apps. As blocking ads is not a legal action so Google will not allow you to do so. Google is trying to find these types of ads and improve security by blocking these apps. Google has already blocked the most popular ads blocker known as YouTube Vanced. The other alternatives may be blocked by Google soon, so you have to update your ad blocker according to the time. There is no guarantee of the working of these apps.

  1. Ads blocker web browser extensions

Today there are several ad blocker web extensions available, to block ads on different sites. You can also change the setting of a specific website by using these extensions. Some websites don’t allow you to access their content if you are using such blocking extensions, but YouTube is not one of them. You can easily access its content by using these blocker extensions.

  1. Use VPN

VPN is also the best option to improve your privacy and block annoying ads. Some VPN apps provide the facility to block ads on your device. You have to pay for this feature. This would be a simple way for you to watch YouTube without ads.

Which one is the best method

We will strongly recommend you purchase a premium plan because this is the simple and natural way. The other way the use of a VPN is not good because if you are paying for purchasing the VPN, you should purchase the premium plan because it will give you access to the premium content also. If you don’t want to waste any money on it then you can choose an ad blocker app or browser extension.


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